Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and CaregiversConcrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

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Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

You love your kids and don't want them to get hurt. I certainly know that I feel that way. Hi, my name is Jenici, and I am a safety advocate. Some of my kids even tease me about it and call me a fanatic. However, I have never taken my kid to the emergency room, and I plan never to be in that situation. If you are a parent or a caregiver, this blog is devoted to you and your kids. Here, I look at concrete and children's safety. I provide tips and ideas to help you. Please look around – I hope you enjoy this blog.


Ensure Great Results: Why Choose Slipform Concrete Construction

If you own a construction company, you know how important it is to work with the right subcontractors, especially where concrete work is concerned. The right concrete method will provide you with benefits that you might not have considered. You might think that the traditional pouring method is the best way to proceed, but that's not always the case. There are times when slipform concrete methods are the best option. If you're not sure why you need to hire a slipform concrete contractor, read the information provided below. You'll find four great reasons to hire a slipform concrete contractor. 

Avoid Height Restrictions

If your construction project has a single-story design, you might be able to use a traditional concrete pour method. Single-story projects usually don't have height constraints to deal with. However, if you're working on a high-rise construction project, or other projects that have height constraints to contend with, it's time to choose slipform concrete construction. Slipform concrete construction provides maximum strength and stability for high-rise applications. 

Reduce Joint Constraints

If you're working on a large construction project, and you need to ensure a continuous expanse of concrete, you can't afford to include joints in the design. Cold joints can create weak points in the concrete construction. Unfortunately, standard concrete pour methods require the use of cold joints, which is where slipform concrete construction comes into the picture. With slipform concrete construction, you won't need to worry about cold joints. That means you can utilize continuous construction. 

Save Time and Money

If you're dealing with a tight schedule and an equally-tight budget, it's time to plan for slipform concrete construction. This type of concrete construction can save both time and money on your construction project. First, because you can reuse the concrete forms, there's no reason to delay the project while new forms are constructed. Second, reusable forms reduce supply costs. Finally, the continuous flow of concrete saves time and reduces concrete waste. 

Enhanced Finish

Finally, if your construction project includes exposed concrete surfaces, slipform concrete construction is the best option for you. Other methods can leave concrete with a rough, unfinished surface. However, you won't have that problem when you choose the slipform concrete method. With slipform concrete construction, you'll enjoy smooth, perfected surfaces. Best of all, you can use other techniques to provide a customised appearance. 

Don't settle for a basic concrete method. Take your construction project to the next level by choosing slipform concrete construction. For more information, contact a slipform concrete contractor near you.