Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and CaregiversConcrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

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Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

You love your kids and don't want them to get hurt. I certainly know that I feel that way. Hi, my name is Jenici, and I am a safety advocate. Some of my kids even tease me about it and call me a fanatic. However, I have never taken my kid to the emergency room, and I plan never to be in that situation. If you are a parent or a caregiver, this blog is devoted to you and your kids. Here, I look at concrete and children's safety. I provide tips and ideas to help you. Please look around – I hope you enjoy this blog.


The Value of Installing Concrete Kerbing on Your Commercial Property

The landscape around your commercial property has a significant impact on how clients perceive your business. That's why you must put in extra effort to make it have a stunning kerb appeal. One excellent way to achieve that is by installing some edging or kerbing. You can opt for any materials for your kerbing, but concrete offers much more superior benefits. 

Here are four unique benefits of choosing concrete as your ideal kerbing material on your commercial property:

Concrete Is Long-Lasting 

Landscaping contractors use four-part aggregate and one-part cement, which makes extremely strong kerbing. That means the kerbing can withstand severe traffic impacts and harsh weather conditions without quick wear and tear. Therefore, consider sticking to the required ratio to improve the edging stability when mixing your wet concrete kerbing. Additionally, it's imperative to choose more robust and high-quality concrete for overlaying the kerb to prevent premature damage after installation. 

Different Design Options

Unlike most edging materials, which aren't appealing to the eye, concrete kerbing is a hardscape that attracts everyone's attention. It gives you numerous design options and possibilities that contribute to your landscape's aesthetic appeal.

For example, you can choose to pour the concrete kerbing in colours that complement your commercial property. Furthermore, precast options, such as blocks and bricks, can add more attractive value since they come in various colours. Concrete kerbs feature versatile designs, and you can pick on any colour, finish and shape from your supplier.

They Can Serve as Drains 

Another great advantage of concrete kerbing is that they help direct water from your commercial property. They act like a drainage system collecting flowing water on pavements and directing it to underground collection systems. That, in turn, helps maintain the overall kerb's condition. As such, you don't have to go through the hassle of digging ditches around the landscape. 

Root and Soil Erosion Control

Because of its durability, concrete kerbing offers efficient root control. If your landscape has wild plants growing around, they can quickly spread their roots and cause significant damage. However, concrete kerbing offers proper root control while allowing your lawn to flourish within its limits. 

Finally, concrete kerbing plays a significant role in alleviating soil erosion and keeping your landscape green and lush all season round. Since kerbs are generally raised, they protect the soil from spilling to unwanted sections like pavements and driveways. 

Give your commercial property a worthy upgrade by installing concrete kerbs. They are much stronger, durable and offer excellent aesthetic appeal to your property. For more information about kerbing, contact a contractor.