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Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

You love your kids and don't want them to get hurt. I certainly know that I feel that way. Hi, my name is Jenici, and I am a safety advocate. Some of my kids even tease me about it and call me a fanatic. However, I have never taken my kid to the emergency room, and I plan never to be in that situation. If you are a parent or a caregiver, this blog is devoted to you and your kids. Here, I look at concrete and children's safety. I provide tips and ideas to help you. Please look around – I hope you enjoy this blog.


4 Pavement Ideas To Replace Driveway Concrete With More Attractive Finishes And Green Solutions

The old concrete pavement in your driveway may be worn, cracked and have unsightly surface damage. This means that it is going to need to be repaired or replaced to prevent further problems and renew the appearance of your driveway. For a more attractive pavement, you may want to consider some of the following options for your driveway:

1. Green Resin-Bound Pavements for Driveways and Hardscaping in Landscaping

Resin-bound pavements are made from various materials and held together with resin. The materials can be green recycled rubber materials or be made of things like landscaping gravel materials. Resin-bound pavements will give you an opportunity to create different types of custom designs in driveway paving or even in the hardscaping used in your landscaping design.

2. Layover Concrete Solutions to Resurface Damaged Concrete With An Attractive Surface

One of the easiest solutions to repair and renew concrete pavement surfaces is to use layover finishes. These are finishes that are applied to the surface and used to correct damage like cracks and holes in the concrete. In addition to the layover being an affordable solution to repair pavements, it can also be a great way to give your driveway an attractive custom finish that resembles natural stone or other paving materials.

3. Coloured Concrete Solution With Durable Sealcoating to Protect Against Damage

Coloured concrete materials are another option that you may want to consider to makeover your pavement. The coloured concrete in your driveway is an affordable and durable solution to use conventional concrete. To protect the surface and protect it from damage like cracks, have sealcoating applied, which will also give you options to apply more decorative options to your new pavement. Decorative concrete can be made to look like almost anything and has many different designs to choose from.

4. Recycled Concrete With Stain for A Greener Solution to Use Pavers in Your Driveway

The concrete that is damaged and cracked in your driveway can be recycled to create pavers. Break apart the concrete into manageable pieces, and then set them aside. If you want to make the pieces look more like stone pavers, use concrete stains to create natural tones on the surfaces of individual pieces. Now, you will be ready to have the materials reinstalled as pavers, which can be held together with conventional cement mortar or modern resin-bound pavement to use in the joints and prevent future problems with cracking.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider for a more durable and attractive pavement finish for your driveway. Reach out to a local concrete delivery service to learn more about your options.