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How to Repair Sunken Spots on Asphalt Driveways

Commercial driveways handle very heavy traffic, and it is common to find that some particular areas have sunk due to the heavy weight they consistently carry. For instance, areas where trucks frequently park can sink due to the weight of those trucks being positioned in the exact spot for a while. This article discusses how a commercial asphalt contractor can repair such sunken spots before they cause more damage to other parts of the driveway. Use this information to have your asphalt driveway repaired as soon as possible when you see similar sunken spots on it.

Loosening Damaged Asphalt from the Area

Asphalt contractors first loosen all the damaged asphalt from the sunken spot so that the edges of that hole are composed of firm asphalt. Any sharp object such as a heavy screwdriver can work to loosen this damaged asphalt. This removal of the loose asphalt allows the patch that will be made to adhere strongly to the undamaged surrounding areas.

Cleaning Out the Hole

The loose asphalt is then swept out of the hole before the areas to be patched are pressure-washed with water containing a powerful detergent that is strong enough to remove all contaminants like oil spills from the area to be repaired. This makes it possible for the repair mix to adhere better.

Application of an Asphalt Emulsion

Once the bottom of the sunken area has been cleaned, the commercial driveway contractor applies an asphalt emulsion to the bottom of that sunken spot. This emulsion is applied in a thin coat and its purpose is to provide a surface onto which the repair mix will bond once it is applied.

Application of the Asphalt Mix

The contractor then applies the asphalt repair mix that he or she had left in the sun for a little more than an hour so that it could be pliable. This mix is applied (a few inches at a time) and tamped down with flat pieces of heavy lumber. This process is repeated until the repair mix is level with the rest of the driveway. A final layer is then carefully applied so that its middle part is much higher than the other parts of the repair patch.

Leveling the Patch

A piece of plywood is then placed onto the patch and tamped before a vehicle is driven over that plywood so that the repair mix is compacted into place. The commercial driveway contractor then moves on to another sunken spot once he or she is satisfied that the patch has been compacted and leveled sufficiently.

As you can see, sunken spots on an asphalt driveway do not mean that the driveway has reached the end of its useful life and should be dug up. All it needs is some repair work, and it will be as good as new. For more information, contact a local paving contractor.