Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and CaregiversConcrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

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Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

You love your kids and don't want them to get hurt. I certainly know that I feel that way. Hi, my name is Jenici, and I am a safety advocate. Some of my kids even tease me about it and call me a fanatic. However, I have never taken my kid to the emergency room, and I plan never to be in that situation. If you are a parent or a caregiver, this blog is devoted to you and your kids. Here, I look at concrete and children's safety. I provide tips and ideas to help you. Please look around – I hope you enjoy this blog.


Why Concrete Kerbing Offers More Benefits for Your Business

Kerbing is a well-known practice for businesses who want to maintain a consistently predefined look for the exterior of their building, without necessarily paying every week for landscaping maintenance. Kerb installation by a company like East Coast Kerbing Pty Ltd will save your business money and with concrete as your kerb foundation, you can expect to get a durable material that has a lot of design versatility and is easy to install.

Here are the full benefits to kerbing and why concrete is the best material for your project:

Benefits of kerbing

Kerbing is a landscaping technique that adds style and organization to your property. Used along driveway and parking lot edges, gardens, and property lawns the affordable method is a great way to add more depth to the look and feel of your business. Kerbing eliminates the need for regular maintenance to your landscaping, because it is designed to regulate growth, maintaining your designs by capturing them within your predefined edges, established by the kerbs. This saves business owners money and also creates a consistently pleasant sight for customers upon each visit.

Why Concrete is the Best Material for the Job

Kerbs are potentially made from, including concrete, asphalt, timber, metal, and stone many materials. Most selections are made entirely based upon preference but for some businesses, if the concern is durability and significantly less maintenance, concrete is your best option. This is because asphalt, timber, metal, and natural stone eventually breakdown. Asphalt does not perform well in severe weather, as both water often negatively affects it and sun exposure, which cause it to swell, sink, or crack. Timber decays and rots over time, due to the weather and also in the presence of wood-boring insects. Metal materials tend to corrode and rust in the presence of water, which causes them to quickly deteriorate as well. Meanwhile, natural stone is certainly more durable than the other materials; however, it is much more fragile than concrete so it's susceptible to cracking or chipping under significant pressure and weight.

Concrete is extremely durable because of its strength. Designers are able to easily manipulate the material to create stunning kerb designs that maintain the material's strength but also incorporate stylish flair that adds to the curb appeal of your commercial property. Concrete is also quickly installed and is typically more affordable than some of the other materials because it is so easy to mix. Painted finishes can be added to the final concrete kerbs to further add to the unique stylistic properties.

No matter the weather, your concrete kerbs will not crack or chip. Also, staining shouldn't be a problem unless oils or paints are somehow transferred onto the surface.