Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and CaregiversConcrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

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Concrete and Children's Safety: A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

You love your kids and don't want them to get hurt. I certainly know that I feel that way. Hi, my name is Jenici, and I am a safety advocate. Some of my kids even tease me about it and call me a fanatic. However, I have never taken my kid to the emergency room, and I plan never to be in that situation. If you are a parent or a caregiver, this blog is devoted to you and your kids. Here, I look at concrete and children's safety. I provide tips and ideas to help you. Please look around – I hope you enjoy this blog.


3 Ways to Get the Right Type of Commercial Concrete Kerbing

Concrete kerbing is an ideal solution for paving your outdoor commercial space. Concrete kerbs are a form of edging that can change the functionality of the outside area. However, these kerbs come in various designs. If you are new to the commercial concrete kerbing, then you may have a hard time making a choice. However, once you understand the different types of concrete kerbing and how they work, the process becomes easier. 

Mountable Kerbs

When you have a small parking space, customers are likely to be careful. The limited space requires cautiousness to avoid collisions with other motors. However, that is not the same with big parking spaces. Thus, if you have a huge commercial parking space, find ways to restrict the speed and movement of cars. A solution is using mountable kerbs that act like speed bumps. Mountable kerbing edges are level and have a low elevation. Their smooth edges reduce damage to vehicle wheels when driving over them. 

Mower Kerbs

Before installing your commercial kerbing, examine the area. If you have flowerbeds or gardens, then you should have a border around them. That will keep them safe from car damage. Also, you need a kerbing that will not hinder garden maintenance processes such as mowing. Thus, look for kerb edges that are level with the lawn. Mower kerbing is the ideal solution for such an environment. These concrete kerbs have front edges that are slightly raised. That makes them be at the same level as your lawn and allow easy mowing without damaging your machine. 

Straight or Barrier Kerbs

The kinds of vehicles that are frequent in your commercial space also influence the nature of kerbs you install. That is because the type of cars will affect the function that the kerbing should offer. For instance, heavy-duty cars may be frequent in your business. That means you need a kerbing solution that ensures the safety of pedestrians and other smaller cars. The kerb should prevent the heavy trucks from getting their way off to other parking areas. The straight kerbing is your best option in such instances. They will act as barriers that prevent cars from passing over them.

Get a Careful Design

In conclusion, get a commercial concrete kerbing that works best for your business. Your outdoor space should have a high-quality parking space and magnificent landscape. Ensure that the landscaped area is separated from the parking space. Also, the clients' vehicles should have safe access to clearly defined parking spots.